Web TV

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Every business can now very easily broadcast it’s own content around the world on online platforms such as YouTube.

The first stage of the broadband video revolution was driven by user uploaded content mainly consisting of short clips. Now businesses are able to take things further by actually being able to produce their own web tv destination by creating live channels and scheduled programming through a variety of online tools .

Listed below is a list with a few potentials options now available to any business:

  • Live broadcasting – the ability to stream live video.
  • Scheduled broadcasting – a feature that allows you to set a date and time for the first transmission of your video, after which users will be able to access it in archived form.
  • On-demand broadcasting – the more familiar YouTube-style broadcasting, whereby viewers can choose when to watch the show.
  • Embed live video – the ability to embed a video player of your live broadcast into your viewers websites and blogs, so that they can watch live streaming from a website other than that of the broadcasting service you are using
  • Embed recorded video – the ability to embed pre-recorded video, or archived live video footage into your website or blog
  • Integrated text chat – the opportunity for viewers and / or broadcasters to interact with text chat from within the video player interface during a broadcast
  • Integrated video chat – the chance for viewers to interact in realtime via their own web-cams during a broadcast
  • Webcam capture – the ability to capture video footage directly from the user’s web-cam, either to stream live or record for later broadcasting
  • Mobile phone capture – the ability to capture either stills or video from a camera-equipped mobile phone, whether live or recorded
  • Import online video – the option of bringing in video files from other video sharing websites for use in your broadcasts
  • Pre-recorded video – the ability to broadcast pre-recorded video as uploaded to the service being used
  • Still images – the inclusion of photographs and other still images in the broadcasting options
  • Music – the ability to broadcast music files, either separately or mixed in with a video track
  • Multiple participants – the chance for more than one broadcaster to take part in a video, such as the ability to cut between a number of cameras, or simultaneously broadcast multiple users
  • Add titles – the ability to create text-based titles or captions over or in addition to your video footage

Creating your own web TV site increases sales for your business.

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