£1 Smartsun wristband that could help to prevent skin cancer

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£1 Smartsun wristband that could help to prevent skin cancer launches in UK

smartsun Wrist band

smartsun Wrist band

Cancer Research statistics show that rates of skin cancer are increasing faster than any other cancer in the UK, and it is now the second most common cancer in young adults aged 15-34, with 6 in 10 of people who die from malignant melanoma being under 75 years old. Although the risk of developing skin cancer is dependent on many factors including age and genetics, UV radiation is the main risk factor for skin cancers cases – with 86% of diagnosed cases linked to back to this.

Though a certain amount of sunshine is healthy to help your body and skin produce certain vitamins, too much can lead to malignant melanoma or non-melanoma skin cancer. Death rates for malignant melanoma in the UK in people aged 75 and over have more than quadrupled in the last 40 years and around 6 people a day died from malignant melanoma in 2012.

The Smartsun wristband could help combat these rising figures by providing you with an easy to read bracelet that tells you when you have been in the sun too long.

Smartsun wristbandThe wristband works by measuring the amount of UV radiation you have been exposed to and will change colour accordingly. The wristbands themselves are waterproof, discreet and reliable and will alert you before you notice any damage to your skin.

Each band is one wear only, and starts out as yellow, changing to beige and pink to alert you when it is time to top up on sun lotion, or when it is time to avoid the sun for the rest of the day.

Smartsun wristbands can be worn by anyone – from babies to grandparents and give you an easy to read indicator for UV exposure, which could help lead to the avoidance of skin cancer but not stop you from enjoying the sun.

The Smartsun wristbands are available in packs of 5 priced at £4.99 from