Hand Drawn Animation In Kent. Accel-Heal film for Synapse Microcurrent Ltd

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Hand Drawn Animation In Kent. Accel-Heal film for Synapse Microcurrent Ltd

At Lavender Blue Media, we understand the importance of getting it right first time when conveying key strategic business messages to your clients.

We also believe that communication should be fun and easy to understand. A great way to engage with your audience is through animation. Not the computer generated stuff, but “traditional” hand drawn paper images that have been given a modern twist.

Recently, we were commissioned by Synapse Microcurrent to produce an animation film that explained in plain English exactly what their revolutionary Accel-Heal device does.

For us, this was where the fun started! The Accel-Heal product is complex, innovative and will help to improve the lives of so many people. Our team of animators got to work and produced a film that both we and Synapse Microcurrent are very proud of.

Testimonial from Laura Gilmour, Marketing Manager, Synapse Microcurrnet
“For the last couple of years we have struggled to make people fully understand the simplicity of Accel-Heal. To many, they hear the word micro-current and tend to switch off. The Bob and Becky animation has completely changed this, it has engaged nurses where we originally struggled because they now see themselves as Becky.”

“We couldn’t have asked for more from Lavender Blue Media and would recommend them to anyone, it’s thanks to them that our client base now ‘get’ Accel-Heal and product sales are clearly increasing.”

The other key benefit of this style of animation is that it’s a really cost effective method of communication, which is great in the current economic climate.

If you would like us to help you make your ideas, products and services easier to understand, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.